Selling Your Top Tier Direct Sales Home Based Business Without Sounding Like a Salesman

For anyone who operates a home based business in direct sales and network marketing the most intimidating problem you face is often the sales presentation. Can you sound natural and relaxed on the phone? Do you have the right words to use at the right time and can you close the deal? Presentation of any product or service is essential for obvious reasons – no sale equals no revenue.

When talking to your prospects, there are three main answer three main questions you should be prepared to answer at least in general terms. These questions include what the business is all about? What has to be done in order to earn an income? And what amount of money one can realistically expect to make from this opportunity? If you can answer these three questions without faltering you will be well on your way to network marketing success.

How To Answer Theses Three Questions Successfully

1. How much money will I earn? The first rule in any relationship (and this is all about building relationships) is honesty. You want demonstrate the potential of your opportunity in order to make it appealing. You can do this by pointing out what the top income earners in your company are making but be sure to emphasize what these earners do in return for their income. This is showing your prospect the potential income but not misleading them to believe they will be an over night millionaire. Do not exaggerate and provide an unbelievable amount. You have to be honest and truthful. People are lied to enough in life and the opportunity to join a great opportunity from a home based career should not be one of those false information providers.

2. What business are you in? If you’re in the financial education and wealth building through sound investment business – say so – simple and clear. People do not want to feel that they are left in the dark about what a business is about. If they feel like the product is being talked about in a hush-hush tone or fogged over, they will feel uneasy and reject the opportunity. Don’t be tempted to “fake it till you make it” with grand claims of income earned. It seldom works as most people can spot a BS’er a mile off. Again, honesty is paramount and it will come back to you 10 times over!

3. What do I do to earn this income? Explain what you do. I introduce my life changing products and explain how they give you the financial education you never got in school or anywhere else. How they can completely reorganize your financial world and at the same time provide a great income. Then explain how you do the business. Are you completely independent or do you use a turnkey marketing system that does the sales and organizing for you. The more detail you can provide without boring the pants off your prospect the better informed they will be and the more likely they will see the benefit of what you have to offer. It’s always far better to have a well-informed customer than a bitter and disappointed consultant after they buy in.

For rookies, prospecting calls are the toughest part of running a home based. The good news is the more you do the easier they get. If you can force yourself to shut your trap and truly listen to what your prospect is telling you and then be able to provide an answer to their problem, you will connect with them in a way that is 100 times more beneficial for you both than you ever will by blathering on incessantly as soon as they pick up the phone.

The main thing to keep in mind is just to be yourself. If you’re comfortable, your customers will be comfortable. Make sure you thoroughly understand your product so that you are not just pitching an item or opportunity but you are simply telling them about something that can make their life better. If you feel uncomfortable about the product or service you are offering that will come across loud and clear to your prospect. If you believe in your product or service than your customer will as well. Keep the conversation general and comfortable but focused on your prospects needs and you will find your products or services you speak of will sale themselves.

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