Direct Mail (Part 1) – Pizza Marketing and Advertising

It is understandable when most pizza shops think that direct mail is just putting their coupon with a 100 other coupons and hope to get a response. The problem with this is your coupon is with 100 other coupons. Everyone knows that you will get some kind of response but chances are it isn’t the response you were hoping for!

Many people don’t even look into the coupon mailers, to them it is just another piece of junk mail. Your mail doesn’t have to be another piece of junk. You don’t have to be like everyone else. You can be your own brand and do your own thing!

How often do you go through the mail and toss out the junk? Probably just about everyday! This has become the trend. What if your mail piece didn’t look like junk and truly wasn’t junk? There are many ways to do just that and we will be covering how in this article.

The first recommendation is to have a mail-out to your local area with a personalized letter. You can let them know your personal story and what made you get into the pizza business. Along with the letter you can send a menu and ask them to come and try some of your pizza.

Keep in mind a standard envelope with a hand-written address always gets opened. You can say, the personal touch always wins! When you do this, your mail does not go into the junk pile, it actually gets read. Taking the time to physically address envelopes takes longer, but the payoff is also greater!

When it comes to finding people to send your mail to, you need to find where you want to send it to and get the addresses. Once again this takes a little bit longer but the payoff is greater. One thing you should know is where your mail is going! This way you can track it and have laser precision marketing efforts.

Having a marketing plan that you know where it is going and when it gets there is critical to a successful campaign. Yes, you need to do it more than once! You need to put your pizza shop in their face and tell them to eat your pizza. At the same time you should be getting to the point of having multiple mailing areas with different messages.

Once you have started to put personalized messages, time and time again. You will start to see your client base grow! Once you have sent a sequence of about seven messages you can put the area into a general mailing from time to time. Keep your eye out for additional articles about direct mail and how you can use it with your pizza business!

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