Direct Mail Marketing Rates Are Lower Than Standard Mail Costs

What is direct mail and how can it help your business grow? How much does it cost to use it? Direct mail is a powerful way to deliver a message right to your customers’ doors and bring more business through your own, doors or website. One can use postcards or letters to get their information to their targeted audience. In the United States direct mail goes through the United States Post Office directly to the person listed on the card or envelope. Direct mail marketing rates apply if one mails over 500 identical pieces per mailing and then bundles, or places in trays, the items for easier handling. Identical means they must all be the exact same size shape and weight, as well as having the same outside, or visible, images or wording. If you put a picture of a grandfather clock on the outside of one item, they must all have the same picture in the same location on the piece of mail. This can be done either with a postage meter that the USPS provides to the business, or with special stamps that can be purchased. The postage depends on the characteristics of your mail piece. You must pay an annual mailing fee at each facility where you enter mail. Mail pieces must weigh less than 13 ounces, and be able to be scanned by the automated equipment.

Automation prices are available for cards, letters, and large envelopes. To qualify for the lower automation prices, your mail piece must meet specific addressing, bar-coding, and design standards. First class mail is the most commonly used means of doing direct mail marketing’s as these are the most cost efficient to use, and easier to handle.

One can also send out other sorts of things such as incentives or sample merchandise, but this will cost more, even at bulk mail rates. These types of items do not readily fit into the automation machines, and require more human handling, and so will cost more. Even with all these requirements, marketing can save your business both time and money on advertising and bring in new customers.

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