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Farm safety and housekeeping – slippages

Jan 13 2024 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Housekeeping in relation to farm and safety issues can apply to very simple areas are also thought of immigration to hospitality and other venues housekeeping is a general term for all types of cleaning and safety protocols.

A spillage of any material can potentially be quite dangerous, either because someone could slip on it and damage themselves, or it could also have a knock-on effect in terms of damaging other equipment and potentially be a fire risk.

There is also a possibility that something is leaking a liquid for any reason, that that device or machine is inherently unsafe as well.

This is especially important when applied tofarm and agricultural machinery, whether such machinery be vehicles or tractors, or other types of machinery such as generators or power tools of any description.

The essence of this is as it is really important to make sure that all types of liquid that some reason had spilled onto the floor, normally things such as water or oil are immediately cleaned up, and the source of the leak identified.

Once a leakage has been cleaned, it is important to cover the area withsome type of grit or sand or other type of compound that can try the floor in order for people not to slip on it even if it is cleaned up.

Once this village has been identified some type of signage should be put in place to make people aware of the potential risk or hazard that the spillage would generate

once the spillage has been cleaned, such signage should be kept in place until the area is completely clean and dry and does not present any type of risk to anyone who might walk through.

It is also important to realise in the context of a farm or agricultural operation that people walking through areas are quite often carrying different types of machinery, or parts of machinery or sensitive items such as Power Tools.

These items are quite often bulky and difficult to handle, and if a person works of over carry one it could actually result in catastrophic injuries. That is why paying attention to any type of spillage of a liquid is really important.

This also raises the very important issue as to who has responsibility for clearing up this type of potential hazard, and goes to the heart of a lot of health and safety legislation.

Mosthealth and safety laws acknowledge that there is a partnership between an employer and employee regarding all types of health and safety issues, and this partnership should be reflected both in the legislation applicable to the particular industry, and also within the nature of the business itself.

This partnership can vary and it is important to understand the specifics applicable to each particular business operation that exists. In general though, the employer has a duty of care that is very broad and covers both employees and public, and has responsibilities to make sure that the workplace is a safe environment.

It is highly likely that within a specific workplace one or two people may be designated the specific roles, which they will be expected to document on a regular basis throughout the day, to reflect that these areas of work had been supervised and checked.

It is also quite possible that an individual employee could be deemed to have a responsibility if they observe a spillage or other risk, simply because they are now aware of it. If an employee identifies a risk and ignores it, there is a potential argument that they could be deemed liable for any damage or loss that may occur as a result of the incident.

Whilst this is very general advice, there is a moral imperative for anyone who works in the farming industry to make sure that all their workplaces are safe, both for their benefit and that of their colleagues and families.

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Farm safety and housekeeping – storage and cleanup

Jan 13 2024 Published by admin under Uncategorized

A quick look around any farm or agricultural business will immediately show the huge range of different types of materials and tools that are used in the day-to-day work of the farm.

What may not be so obvious immediately is the need for some type of proper storage system to everything that is either loose or does not have its own proper place in a designated zone.

The importance of storage is twofold. Firstly it creates systems are all types of material kept in a specific place that is worked out beforehand, and which people will know where appropriate materials are.

This is back to the principle of a tidy mind, and helps generate both systems and practices that people know where things are meant to be kept, and can make sure that they are always put back in a proper place, even if it is not their responsibility to do so.

The second really important issue about storage refers to the materials that are being stored. this may seem quite obvious, but it is important to make sure that any material of a particular length or wait stored in a way appropriate both to itself and to other materials alongside it.

All types of material frequently used, may be taken out of storage and replaced, or new materials or similar design and nature replaced instead. There needs to be a storage system in place to make sure that the layout of these materials is such that there is no risk or minimal risk of a heavy for long object injuring someone because has been stored improperly.

Generally speaking, the heavier the object, then the nearer to the ground it should be stored, and similarly with any really long or unruly materials. The principal consideration should be that there should be as little danger as possible of a heavy unwieldy material falling on someone when another piece of material is being removed from the same storage area.

The other really important area storage refers to all types of fuels and lubricants. Given the amount of machinery on any farm agricultural business, including tractors, UTV’s, generators etc the amount of fuel that will be on a farm is likely to be considerable, and the risks posed to the farm if the fuels are not stored properly could be immense.

How fuel is stored will vary depending on the nature of the operation, but a couple of basic tips can help improve safety enormously. There are likely to be designated or professional storage containers available to all types of fuel that will be used on the farm, and it is important that these are the only storage containers that are used.

They are likely to be labelled, and also quite like to be colour specific. This should help provide a degree of communal understanding of the fuels that can lead to better safety management.

It is also hopefully fairly obvious that these fuels should be kept as far apart from any other materials that could be considered flammable, that dust around them should be kept to a minimum and that the whole area should be kept clean as possible.

Any spillages should be cleaned up immediately, and that should be protocols in place at your specific guidance as to what type of cleaning materials and cleaning practices should be in place for each specific fuel.

It is also important to add that any individual who handles any type of fuel or spillage in the course of their work they make absolutely sure that they have cleaned themselves as best as they can, both in terms of using cleansing agents for their hands and other body parts that may have been exposed,and also that they regularly change their work clothes when not in their own work environment.

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Which types of silk saree is best for use as bridalwear?

Jan 13 2024 Published by admin under Uncategorized

There are three main types of silk saree, each with their own unique properties.

Bandhani Silk Saree
This type of silk sarees in Sri Lanka are perfect for brides who want to flaunt a bold, colourful outfit at the wedding reception or engagement ceremony without appearing too overbearing. The vibrant colours give off an aura of fun and excitement that can be carried into other parts of the event as well. It is also great because it is easy to pair up against other outfits if you are getting married in one saree and having your going-away in another.

Banarasi silk saree
Many of the Colombo saree shops offer Banarasi Silk sarees which also make for great bridalwear options, though they are a bit more traditional than the previous type. They come in many different colours and styles, so you can find one that will fit your personality as well as the overall theme of your wedding. These sarees are often quite heavy, so make sure you are comfortable wearing them for an extended period of time.

Paithani silk saree
The Paithani Silk saree is another popular choice for brides-to-be. It features intricate designs and beautiful colours, making it perfect for any formal event. Like the Banarasi silk saree, it is also one that offers elegance and style.

Which type of silk saree is right for you? Consider your personality and the overall theme of your wedding when making your decision, and of course the budget. Some of these silk sarees can be extremely expensive while other more affordable, and what you choose will depend on what your personal preference will be. Whichever type you choose, you are sure to look beautiful on your big day, in a stunning and elegant saree.

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How Can Accounting Contribute in Growth of Your Business?

Jul 03 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Accounting is a part of business and so every business should look forward to it. Bookkeeping falls under accounting and maintained by every enterprises. The size of business will determine the complexities involved in accounting processes, but to keep a track of profit and loss it is necessary to maintain accounts. Being updated on the basic accounting principles will definitely help to succeed in the world of business. Through proper record keeping and financial analysis it is convenient for any business to keep an eye on the expenses.

Accounting is not just limited to maintaining the credits and debits, but has other roles to play as well. While making any decisions in business, accounting comes into role and enables the entrepreneur to take the final call.

· Monitoring the accounts would actually help to understand the behavior of customer base and finally cut down the costs

· Accounting is the only way through which you can understand the actual financial position of the company which can influence many decisions

How accounting helps any business

Accounting is a system that keeps track of assets, liabilities and income of business. To make an informed decision in business it is vital to check the past performance and this can only be possible when you maintain proper accounts. Through sound accounting, it is also possible to satisfy customers and know the earnings and expenses of a company which will give a better understanding of how to maintain satisfaction level of customers.

Want to know more? Accounting also allows in proper tracking of profits and losses and manages payroll records. It is the best way to maintain any budget and also attract potential investors.

After collecting the financial information it is stored in accounting records which is finally compiled into financial statements. It includes certain documents like:

· Balance sheet

· Statement of retained earnings

· Income statement

· Cash flow statement

Responsibilities of an accountant

Professional accountants know how to maintain accounts and keep a track of financial transaction. Every business needs an accountant so that proper financial advice can be taken. An accountant is responsible for finding a way out through which a business can easily increase its capital and make wise use of it. An accountant will also help:

· Filling of taxes

· Prepare the VAT returns

· Help in computing tax and national insurance

· Keeps record of sales revenue

The other essential function performed through accounting is cost management. Though it is often overlooked by corporate houses, but certainly there are some advantages associated with cost management are:

1. Understanding the profitability

2. Financial structure of business

Through cost management it is possible to focus on different aspects of business that can finally help in boosting up profits.

The handling of company’s accounts depends on the size of business. In case of a public sector, Chief Financial Officer is appointed to manage the job. While a small business hires an external accountant on a part time basis to manage invoices and keep record of financial transactions. A large sized enterprise usually keeps an in-house accountant.

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Gary Bencivenga’s Best Kept Marketing Secret

Jun 24 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

The other day, I was reading an ad written by legendary copywriter Gary Bencivenga.

When something dawned on me:

I realized that on top of the hundreds of other reasons why Gary’s ads are so darn effective, there is one little thing that (in my opinion) makes him one of the best. This little “thing” rings true in every ad Gary ever wrote. It was what made him unique. And to this day it’s hard to find another direct response copywriter that does this as well as Gary Bencivenga did.

What is this “thing”?

He was believable.

Every piece of copy Gary ever wrote is credible.

It’s believable.

It’s real.

Which sounds simple enough, and like something every copywriter should do. Right? But the next direct response ad you read, ask yourself if you believe what the writer is saying. And if you don’t then why don’t you believe the copywriter?

In most cases, I find that ads are too full of hype and hoopla. They come across as salesy. And whenever you… or I… or someone else gets hit with a hypey-claim, it turns us off.

We say, “Yeah right. Here we go again. Just another person trying to get into my wallet.”

And that kills any chance the copywriter has of making the sale.

But not a Gary Bencivenga ad.

Gary’s stuff hardly ever contained any pumped-up claims… or exaggerated benefits… or moments in the copy when you’d say, “Yeah right.” And in my opinion, this is what makes Gary so good.

So what about your sales letter?

Or your space ad?

Or even your client newsletter?

Are you making a bunch of hypey claims that you can’t support with proof?

Or are you telling a believable story about what your product can (and can’t) do?

Remember, there is nothing that adds credibility to your appeal then when you admit a fault. Tell your reader why you are not perfect.

In fact, the ad I was reading by Gary Bencivenga did this near the middle of the ad. And boy did it add much more credibility to what I was reading.

So there you have it.

The reason why Gary Bencivenga was such a great direct response ad writer.

And one last thing:

If you are serious about growing your small business, then what’s holding you back? More than likely all you need is one good idea. But you have to be careful where you look for ideas. Because now days everybody and their brother claims to be some kind of “business expert”.

So ask yourself this:

Who can you turn to for good ideas like what’s in this article?

I certainly have plenty of great ideas. But, our personalities may not jive. In fact, if there is some “rub” between us then it’ll never work. You won’t be happy. And neither will I. To see if we’re a good fit, stroll on over to my website which you’ll find in the author box below.

Wesley Murph is the author of “The Little Black Book of Small Business Marketing Secrets: 10 Proven Ways to Add New Customers, Repeat Sales and Referrals to Any Small Business!” which includes a campaign he wrote for a client that pulled a whopping 35.7% response to an ice-cold list. He is not accepting any new clients at this time. But if you’d like more tips like the one you just read, then head on over to…

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Why You Should Use Internet Marketing To Promote Your Business

Jun 24 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

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The official definition of internet marketing refers to the promotion of products or services over the internet. That can also include marketing done via e-mail and social media sites. Internet based promotion of products and services provides access to millions of potential customers each day. With all the new technology developments, the opportunities to grow your business using the web can be limitless.

There are a variety of methods that have proven fairly successful for those who use them. However, depending on the product or services, using a mix of advertising methods is often the best option. This type of web based advertising allows you greater control and to target specific groups or individuals. As opposed to hard copy advertising which restricts your potential customers to those who actually see the advert.

Web based advertising can often work out less expensive than other forms of promoting products, and you can expect to receive a better return on your investment. Your message reaches potential customers in a split second and relieves them of the hassle and cost of buying and reading newspaper and magazines to find out what is new. Many of the large well brands participate in direct marketing allowing their customers to purchase direct from the comfort of their home.

Making use of search engine keywords is a popular technique used in online advertising. Anyone browsing through the internet can enter a search word or phrase and if your advertisements contain the search keywords your link will appear in the search results list. Having someone in-house or hiring in the services of an expert in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help you to achieve a high ranking with many of the internet search engines. That can only be good for your business.

Niche marketing targets potential customers who have an interest in a specific topic or product. It can be compared to a large retail store that is made of different areas. If you want to buy a new television or a DVD player, you would not go into the children’s clothing department to look for them; you would visit the electrical section.

So in effect with niche marketing you are missing out all the other store sections and going directly to your product or service. The potential customer is happy because they do not have to spend time trawling through all the things they are not interested in, to get to what they want. They know when they land on a niche site that they will find more detailed information, than they c find on a general site.

Internet based promotion also allows advertisers to use what is referred to as geo-targeting. That simply means that you can set geographical restrictions on your marketing. For instance, if your product is available in the US through one supplier, but is also available in other countries, your promotion details will change automatically depending on the customers geographical location.

Internet marketing is the way forward for many online and offline businesses. The tools and techniques can appear to be daunting to the uninitiated, but taking the time to explore the possibilities will be beneficial to any business. You also have endless opportunities to market your products or services online.

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10 Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Investors for 2012

Jun 24 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Winning at real estate investing in 2012 is all about how well you do at marketing your services and properties. You cannot rely on just one channel for pulling in all of the buyers and sellers you need so check out these 10 ideas and start flipping more houses than ever.

1. Email

Email marketing has come full circle in terms of results, at least for those who recognize how trends are changing. Keep it short, sweet, focus on winning subject lines and hone in on the best times to send your emails for maximum open rates.

2. LinkedIn

There is no possible argument for real estate investors to ignore social media marketing anymore. However, once you get started you will realize that it may not be free or nearly as cheap as you thought but what is, right? If you can only afford to focus on one social media platform right now make it LinkedIn for the maximum ROI.

3. Facebook

Very few of your prospects aren’t on Facebook today. Buyers, sellers, other investors, locals and those half a world away can all be reached in milliseconds with Facebook. Even better, for each contact and fan you make you are also tapping into their hundreds of friends and connections too.

4. Blogging

If there is one marketing tool real estate investors need to focus on in 2012 it absolutely must be blogging. Your blog is the heart of all of your marketing. It will help you boost Internet traffic, improve your SEO for local search and mobile marketing and can help add a ton of credibility to your real estate investing brand.

5. PPC Advertising

If you want traffic and leads, you want them now and you need it consistently then PPC advertising is one of the best strategies you can add to the mix if not the best. It is fast to launch, easy to measure and can be tweaked at any moment.

6. Direct Mail

Like email, direct mail is once again a hot marketing channel. With so many Realtors out of business and so many other investors solely focusing on Internet marketing, simple sticking to a consistent direct mail schedule can earn you a lot of brand visibility and make closing all of your real estate deals easier, even if they don’t call on your mailers right away.

7. Rent a Movie Theater

If you aren’t ready to through your own real estate convention or seminar yet you can still rent out an entire showing of a new movie at your local theater, give the tickets out to prospects (or may be better, have them enter to win them online), then get your pitch in during the trailers and stick around for networking afterwards.

8. Start a Networking Group

There may be other networking and investment groups around town but starting your own instantly gives you a ton of credibility, not to mention control. Use it to get newer investors to bring you deals to partner.

9. Hire Appointment Setters

You may not enjoy telemarketing or cold calling yourself but there are people who thrive on it and do very well at it. So cut to the chase and employ a few appointment setters to set up qualified meetings for you with buyers and sellers. You can probably even get away with hiring remote phone agents and only paying per appointment set.

10. Bulk SMS

Bulk text message marketing is about as simple as promoting your investment business as it gets. It is easy to set up and manage yet also delivers high response rates. It’s a great pick for real estate investors who want to get their phone ringing without having to cram in endless on hours on outbound calls.

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Increase Your Affiliate Marketing Network With These Ideas

Jun 24 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Affiliate marketing can employ a lot of different techniques depending upon how you want to promote your business. You know that it’s the type of program you enter into that will affect your image, along with having an effective strategy for marketing. Take some time to effectively promote yourself and your business, using the tips below.

Be sure the contract rewards are reasonable for the agreement if you are serving as an affiliate marketing partner with that company. You can earn significant income by directing visitors to affiliate partners if the agreement is structured appropriately. The more site visits you have, the better you can negotiate with potential affiliate partners.

If you plan to hold a contest with an affiliate company, promote the heck out of it! You’ll have to dedicate the bulk of your time to posting the link on forums, social media, contest directories, “Linky” lists, and any website which shares a similar topic to yours. It’s a lot of work but the increase in sales will be worth it!

A great affiliate marketing tip is to include a home link on every page of your web site. This is very important if you have many pages on your web site because it can be very easy for visitors to get lost. A simple home link can direct visitors back to your home page.

You must be honest, and too many people miss this part because they are doing whatever it takes to get ahead. However, it doesn’t pay off if you are not honest. If you direct a visitor the wrong way once, then they are likely not to come back. Be honest!

Provide some incentive for web users to click on your affiliate link. Just because you have a link on your website, it does not mean that readers will click on it. You need to show them what advantages or benefits they will gain by clicking on it. If the readers do not see any benefits, they will not take the time to click through.

If you are trying to make some extra money online and are thinking about doing affiliate marketing, you might want to pay someone else to set up a website for you. There are a variety of companies that guarantee a payout if you go through them to set up your affiliate advertising venture.

When choosing a topic for your affiliate marketing-driven website, pick something that appeals to the broadest audience. For example, everyone asks “how do I” or “how can I” all the time, so a website offering articles with advice on completing a variety of projects will reach the broadest audience. You can also specify that it’s home repairs and upgrades, or organic recipes for food and cleaning supplies, to catch an audience more specific to the affiliate marketing links you may be using.

Affiliate programs differ tremendously in terms of the services and payment structures that they offer. If one program doesn’t seem to fit your revenue goals, then consider a different one with a different financial arrangement. Although there are many large affiliate networks, don’t forget about the smaller ones as an excellent source of revenue.

You can always have an auto-responder on your site so that the email addresses of visitors is tracked and you can send them emails about the product or service that you are selling. Be careful about doing that because it may make people think that you are nothing but a spammer and they will avoid buying anything from you.

It’s true that your online business should speak for itself, but using affiliates can help take your business further. You can always improve upon your affiliate marketing strategy to help boost your reputation, traffic and sales, and hopefully, these tips have given you advice on how to do that more effectively.

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Network Marketing Success Boiled Down To One Nugget: Be Consistent

Jun 24 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Network Marketing can pull you in a lot of different directions. Online marketing, offline marketing, crossover marketing, live meetings, training and on and on. Interview the masters of MLM or hear their stories and you’ll find the consistent theme for network marketing success:

Be Consistent

This is the most neglected concept of sales and home business success. Virtually every sales, MLM or network marketing failure is directly traced to a lack of consistency.

True success is built over time. The sales pages you read and the calls and webinars you attend will always tell you about the guy who was earning six-figures in a few short months. That is one of the biggest sins committed in this industry and the dirty secret that few reveal:

Overnight success usually takes years.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be making money along the way and it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be aggressive in setting goals. Just be realistic.

You are much, much better off investing a consistent, predetermined amount of time each day, everyday, in your business than racking up three or four hours once a week. Your presenting skills will benefit and your business will grow faster.

Create a 90-Day Plan. Before long before you begin to patterns, or ratios, emerging that will help you make adjustments. They key is keeping the promise to yourself to work on your business, consistently, every day.

Suggestions for consistent success:

Plan Your Day.

The great Jim Rohn put it simply: Don’t begin your day until it’s finished on paper. There are many time management and priority management systems. Consider using Google Calendar for a tool that is always accessible on-line and is easily shared with other team members.

Planning your day, and budgeting time for your activities will keep you from over-booking yourself or having unrealistic expectations. 80% of your time should be income-generating activity.

Review Your Day

At the end of each day take a look at your plan. Did you do what you told yourself you said you’d do? Do you see tasks that you didn’t finish? Any of those tasks been left undone for two days or more? If you have tasks that aren’t getting done you are either over booking your time or you are ignoring them. This could indicate a time for serious personal reflection. How much do you really want success.

Figuring out what you need to do is not hard. Your up-line can lay it out for you, your company has daily methods of operation suggestions you can use and there is no shortage of suggestions on the internet.

What separates the winners from the losers, the successes from the failures, is consistency. Better to do a bit each day than to deceive yourself into doing a lot all at once.

Tom Bradley is veteran of the direct selling trenches, generating over $60 Million in revenues over the past 20 years. He was into attraction marketing before it was an internet buzzword and he believes in loyally promoting your company while aggressively branding yourself.

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Direct Response Marketing On The Internet

Jun 24 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

When it comes to internet marketing, everybody wants to be thought of as a genius. So what do these people do? They go out and buy non-relevant domains (non-relevant from the theme of their niche), and then try to market it successfully. Sure there are some people who can pull this off, but if you’re like 98% of the rest of the online business owners out there, you may want to stick to a domain name that stresses the topic of your website.

So are you merely “getting your name out there”, or do you want to build a successful online business? If you want to build a successful online business, then you should purchase websites that are structured around keywords that are relevant to your website. This concept isn’t hard to grasp.

The gist of this concept is known as “direct response marketing”. It’s basically the practice of testing and tracking, and seeing results immediately as opposed to waiting months down the line to see income coming in. If you’re going to start your own online business, you’ll want to use this technique to improve your sales today.

You never want to do “brand advertising”. This is basically the marketing of a logo, a slogan, a business name, or a celebrity character that nobody cares about. All people are worried about is whether or not your information can help them out – and this is what you will want to focus on.

If you think you’re going to start a website and brand build it until it’s as popular as eBay, Amazon, Best Buy, or Walmart… then you have another thing coming. Competing against these huge companies is not advisable. This is why you should re-invent yourself and go into a niche where you can easily take over and start making money right away.

So instead of doing brand advertising in your internet business, stick with online direct response marketing techniques that you can use to earn more money in your business. For example, one good thing that you can do is to simply offer something for free. With this technique, you get to offer your prospect something valuable, and in return, you get to follow up on them on a regular basis.

The reason this technique is so effective is because you greatly improve the chances of closing a sale with something that you can market to over and over again. Plus, they will more than likely grow to enjoy your information, and they’ll stay subscribed to your email newsletter, and some of them too will buy your products later on down the line.

I like this method a lot, and it’s better (in my opinion) than leading people straight to your sales letter page. You can do a lot of tricks on your sales letter page, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will boost your conversion rates. Stick email marketing and generating a lead, and you will be good to go. It’s proven to be incredibly effective.

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