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Use Article Marketing Effectively For Traffic Generation

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Despite the large amount of information available about article marketing and what it can do for your website, very few people know how it can cause your traffic to boost up. Certainly, article marketing can do wonders for your website in terms of traffic generation. There are a couple of direct and indirect ways in which this is achieved. This article intends to illustrate these methods.

Marketing articles are rich in keywords. Keywords are those phrases which people search on the Internet. Tools like Overture can be used to find out which keyword is more popularly searched. Once these keywords are found out, they are cleverly embedded in the article.

The keywords you put in your article are directly responsible for increasing your page rank. Search engines will index the marketing article with the help of the number of times the keyword appears in it. Higher is the page rank, greater is the chance of the page appearing in the search results. This will increase the chances of people visiting your article. This is a direct way to increase the traffic to your article page.

There is one more benefit in this. Marketing articles are submitted to article directories. These directories have good search engine optimizations, which increase the chances of their pages appearing on the search results. So, by submitting to article directories, you are directly taking the advantage of their search engine optimization.

However, the best reason to write marketing articles is that you get to prepare a bio box for yourself. This author’s bio box is placed below the article. This is where you can write a short bio about yourself and even describe your website in short. Also, you are allowed to add an anchor text in the bio, which will direct anyone who clicks on it to your website. You can add the URL of your website in this bio box. This is known as the backlink. If people find the article interesting, they will click on the backlink and visit the website. These are certain ways of generating traffic for your website.

Article marketing can be done in two ways:-

(i) Write a few articles and submit them to several article directories, even a hundred directories if possible.

(ii) Write several articles and submit them to the article directories that have a high ranking.

Writing articles and submitting them to several directories is a sure way to increase visibility. However, this kind of article submission can count for plagiarism and may have a negative effect. So, the second option is the better one, where you write some articles and submit them to the top-ranking article directories. This way you can be sure to have your articles show highly in the search results, because the directories are already high ranking.

Article marketing can be harnessed to generate a very high amount of traffic for your website, provided it is done in a persistent and patient manner. No form of article marketing can bring traffic within a short period of time. Page ranks could improve quite fast, but it will be some months before the quantum of traffic actually begins to show any appreciable increase.

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Marketing by Any Other Name

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What does the word “marketing” mean to you? When you say “I need to do some marketing” or “I need a marketing plan,” what is the end result you are picturing?

Of all the functions that contribute to business growth, marketing has got to be the least standardized. Not only do the activities associated with marketing vary from company to company, but the purpose and goals of marketing differ widely. In many cases, marketing is a synonym for sales, which in my opinion is one of the biggest strategic mistakes a business owner can make.

Marketing is not sales. But marketing must be contributing to revenue generation or you’re wasting time and money. And probably lots of both.

Here is a simple way to think of marketing: Your marketing activities need to make your sales process easier. How they do that will vary depending on your company and your market. Product marketing is very different from service marketing. Business to business marketing is very different from business to consumer marketing. Marketing high cost goods and services requires a different approach from marketing commodities.

Even in the same industry and marketplace, how one company markets will differ from the way its competitors market. Just watch a couple of beer or car commercials on TV and you’ll see what I mean. This is because company culture, personality, and brand will impact marketing activities and messages.

So, I ask you: Is your marketing program making your sales process easier? Be careful when answering. There are nuances to marketing that are important to consider. Some activities are more direct than others and so are much easier to gauge. An example is direct response marketing. Another is e-commerce web sites with incorporated shopping carts. In both cases there is a clear link to the sales side. This type of marketing can be very easily quantified and its impact on sales can be accurately measured.

Some activities, though, are more subtle. Things that get your company better known in the marketplace will help the sales process, but not as clearly as direct response or “click here to buy” activities. They are qualitative in impact but no less important.

Effective public relations, for example, will certainly influence your target market by keeping your name top of mind in the people you want to buy from you. This type of activity, of course, is nowhere near as measurable as more direct things. Does this mean you shouldn’t do it? Absolutely not!! It does mean, however, that you need to stay awake and find ways to gauge how successful these more subtle activities are in making the sales process easier.

Here’s the bottom line. Take time to clearly and accurately define what marketing means specifically for your company, and define how it can make the sales process easier. Don’t just accept any published definitions, no matter how exalted their sources.

Use your definitions as the context for all the activities in your marketing program, and use the second definition, the one related to the sales process, as the basis to measure and adjust the activities to improve results.

Also, and this is very important, use your definitions when obtaining the services of marketing professionals to help you. They are not all the same. There are as many types of marketing professionals as there are types of marketing-so make sure that you hire people with expertise in the type of marketing you need. If you don’t, at best you aren’t going to get the best results you can and at worst you will end up losing precious ground in your business and your marketplace.

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Making a Hit with Your Marketing Campaign

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Considered a vital link in a show’s promotional plan, direct marketing is vital only if it’s done right. It’s certainly not as simple as typing a letter, adding an address and stamp, and popping it in the mail. Direct marketing specialist Debbie Bermont, president of San Diego-based Source Communications, offers her golden rules for creating that vital, highly successful direct marketing campaign.

There are some key golden rules to making your direct mailings work effectively. That doesn’t mean that you have to spend more money in order to succeed. Far from it. In fact, you could find yourself spending less — or at least spending more strategically — than you may be doing at present. Here’s how:

Mail to Mr. Right

There’s a simple but very clear distinction between junk mail and direct mail. Junk mail is mail that isn’t wanted. Direct mail is something that goes to the right person and is wanted. One major key to the success of your direct mailing is to find the right people to mail to. If you are working on a follow-up show, then targeting the people who signed up last year would be a good place to start. If it’s a new show or a new list, your first job is to start with a research phone call to find out who that right person is. Even if you’re using last year’s list, it is still worth a telephone call to check that your information is up to date. Don’t ever rely on anyone passing your mailer on — it just won’t happen.

Boost Your Letter

Once you’ve found out who to send your letter to, your next step is to make sure that your letter works to its maximum effect. Write it as a one-on-one dialogue. Beware of using industry lingo that your prospect may not understand. Keep your paragraphs short and sweet — no more than seven lines. Break up your letter into clearly defined subheads. And keep it to two pages in length.

Make All Your Copy Benefit-Oriented

List the benefits so they are easy to understand. And remember that a benefit is a lot different than a feature. Features do not have the clout that benefits do. For example, stating that “10,000 people attended our show last year” is merely a feature. Write it in the context of a benefit: “You can have the opportunity of making 10,000 qualified contacts in three days,” and you’ll start making the impact that you want.

Repeat your offer at least three times throughout your letter: in your headline, within the first two paragraphs, and again in your closing paragraph. You can also include it in a “p.s.” Last, but not least, tell your prospects what the next step is and tell them to do it today. Also include details of where to go for more information. Your goal should be for the recipients to immediately respond to your letter in a positive way.

Make an Impact

Your mail piece must stick out from all the rest. Yours will not be the only piece of direct mail that lands on your prospects’ desks today. The more you can do to catch their attention, peak their curiosity, and urge them to open the packet, the better.

One particularly effective way of doing this is to make your packet lumpy. For example, you can include Post-it notes or candy (but never candy that could melt!). Make it even more appealing by relating your insert to your offer or your message. For example, insert a bite-sized Pay Day candy bar along with the message, “Every day’s a Pay Day when you exhibit at the ABC Show!” Another idea is to affix large plastic aspirin capsules to your mailer with the message “Don’t let this be another headache for you!” Or include a card with a telephone ringing along with the note “Give us a call today!”

Whatever your insert, make your message clear, make it novel, make it fun, make it useful, and make it one that leaves a warm fuzzy feeling — not confetti. All that does is leave a mess!

Too Good to Miss

Create an offer that can’t be refused. This may be a limited time offer (the expiration should never be longer than 60 days), or an offer that sets you apart from your competition, such as a better location or a bigger booth size with early sign up. Whatever the offer, the incentive has to be sufficiently appealing to inspire immediate action.

Remember that there’s no point in offering an outstanding incentive if no one knows about it. So in your direct mail piece, make this offer clear, easy to understand, easy to respond to, and relevant for your audience.

Easy Does It

Make it as simple as possible for your prospect to respond to you. The most effective option is a fax-back form with quick and easy response sections. Other possibilities are a toll-free telephone number, a postage-paid reply card, or a Web site. The Web site might not necessarily be your direct response tool, but it is certainly very effective as an additional interactive vehicle for obtaining more information about the show.

Follow up by Phone

Whatever you send out, make sure you follow it up with a telephone call to close the sale. You’ll see single digit response rates quickly turn into double digits as a result. Whoever makes those phone calls must be professional, courteous, and well-informed of the details of the show and the benefits of exhibiting.

Printing Essentials

There are plenty of ways to save money, time, and mistakes when it comes to your direct mail bottom line — and all without compromising quality or quantity. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Save money with a printer. Pick a printer that will work with you — not necessarily the one that offers the lowest bid. If you don’t, you could end up sacrificing both quality and money.
  • Get at least three estimates from three different reputable printers.
  • Ask to see samples of their printing quality.
  • Remember that you can always negotiate a price (typically between 10 percent and 20 percent off of the price they first quote you).
  • For small print jobs buy your paper at a discount paper warehouse and avoid the printer’s markup.
  • Always supply a very detailed purchase order that includes all the details that could be problems: price quoted, ink colors, paper specs, space requirements, quantity, etc.
  • Make sure that you see a final proof before the job is printed.
  • When possible, supply the printer with a sample of your final art as a guideline.

Mailing Tips

Not only does a little know-how help with your printing procedures, but in your mailing too.

If you want to save dollars, use third-class or bulk rate. You can save more than 70 percent of your postage cost if you can afford the slight time delay that bulk rate demands. Deliverability of bulk rate mail is between three and 10 days, but depending on the city, it can be just as fast as first-class.

Make up a sample package in the early stages of your preparation and take it down to your post office to check that it will go through the mail system without any problems. You don’t want to find this out after you have printed 30,000 pieces!

Consider using a mail house to handle and sort your volume work. It can save an enormous amount of your time for a relatively low fee.

Concerned about the image of mailing bulk rate?

You can buy third-class stamps, which make a much better impact than a metered bulk rate mark.

What’s the key to your direct mail?

It’s the synergistic effect of multiple hits — whether that’s by mail, telephone, e-mail, broadcast fax, or an inexpensive postcard reminder — which will ultimately make the impact and make the sale.

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Starting a Consulting Business on a Limited Marketing Budget

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So you plan on starting a consulting business on your own. You want to consult using the internet because it is global and that is where the future business lies. You want to sell a product or service that you think is equal to others in the same category or maybe it is better than the others. The only problem is that you do not know how to market the product primarily because you are starting your venture on a limited budget, therefore having very little or no money for marketing. In a case like this, how would you promote and advertise your product or service to show that you bring value the market?

Commonly, marketing budgets should be about 2% to 5% of the overall gross sales, but this varies by markets and products. The first step in how you plan starting your consulting business is to figure out what your marketing budget would be for the first six months.

The following promotion activities could be used to start – internet marketing, industry events, aggressive advertising, strategic partnerships, public relations, internet marketing, word of mouth, and direct marketing. If you are starting a consulting business on a low budget, the following marketing methods can be very effective and low cost:

Internet marketing – Get people familiar with your product or service through internet articles and blog posts. Most organizations actively use their blogs to amass awareness for their products and services. This is an extremely inexpensive and hassle free exercise. Furthermore you can market your product or service via social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Communicate with your audience about new services, product enhancements, discounts and other new advancements in your business.

Get a Website of Your Product or Service – These are easy to do today and are a relatively inexpensive way to establish a presence on the internet. For example WordPress allows you to combine both functionality of a blog and website pages to optimize your internet marketing efforts. Making a website of your product or service gives you a better chance to explain the value you provide to millions of eyeballs every day.

Word- Of – Mouth - Get your individual network to spread the word about your product or service. This is the most practical and cost-effective way to advertise. Get your friends and colleagues together for a small gathering or an online webinar and introduce your product or service to them. Keep in mind not to sell too much – you are raising awareness and showing that you can provide value to others!

Direct Marketing – Go for direct marketing when you are starting a consulting business instead of going for expensive marketing options such as Pay-Per-Click. Stay direct by keeping your target audience limited and targeted. This way you reach them in the most practical and the cost-effective way. As an example, fliers found inside newspapers and informative email campaigns are two inexpensive direct marketing tools.

Newspaper Articles - You can get articles published in a newspaper that talk about your product in a extended manner. For example, if you are selling a consulting service, the article can be about the value of a consulting service in a particular niche such as start up businesses. The article can also have a word or two from a well known person in your industry that believes in your type of service.

You will eventually need to have a more focused and tighter marketing strategy to promote your product and services. While all these could be effective marketing techniques that you can use when you start a business, you should put aside a small part of your profits every month for your marketing budget. Use your marketing budget accordingly, and track of the results religiously. A marketing method should be dropped if it does not give you the numbers you need to build your business.

When you are starting a consulting business or any business on your own, you may be on a very limited budget. This is complicated by the fact that you need to promote or advertise your service in order to build the business so you can increase your budget. Plan to use low cost effective marketing methods to build your initial marketing capital and raise the awareness about your product and service that you need in order to take your business to the next level.

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Direct Email Marketing Software

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Direct email marketing software is software that enables you to
handle your very own bulk email marketing campaign rather than
paying per piece to use online bulk emailing services or paying a
marketing firm to do your bulk email promotions.

Bulk email marketing is certainly one of the most cost-effective
strategies in internet marketing, especially if you do not have
to pay a set price for every email that is sent out.

The pricing structure associated with your method of
accomplishing bulk email marketing has an impact on the cost-
effectiveness of your email marketing campaign.

Using software can save money if you have the time to put into
developing and managing your own email marketing.

There is a number of direct email marketing software packages
available on the market. Some are even shareware programs that
don’t require an initial investment or ongoing costs.

They don’t generally have the value-added features that come with
software packages that you purchase; however, if you aren’t
running a large email marketing campaign, they may suit your
needs for accomplishing specific tasks just fine.

A good, comprehensive email marketing software package should
provide some basic features that will enable you to effectively
develop and manage your email marketing campaign.

Some of the features to look for include templates, list
management capabilities, and a tracking system.

With these basic features, you will be able to build your mailing
list, craft your email marketing message and analyze the results
from your email marketing campaign to determine what is and what
is not effective.

The ability to send both text and HTML messages can be important,
especially if you want to personalize your email messages

HTML templates that are pre-designed are available with some
direct email marketing software.

With such templates, you simply fill in the blanks and you don’t
have to worry about knowing how to write HTML code to accomplish

The flexibility of the templates in regard to being able to alter
them to suit your company’s image or to devise your own
customized design is something to consider as well.

List management features of direct email marketing software
should provide you with the capability of building an opt-in list
as well as providing automated management of opt-outs which
enable recipients of the email to unsubscribe or to be removed
from your mailing list.

Manual management of the task of opt-ins and opt-outs can be
incredibly time consuming and if you use email marketing on a
large scale, it can even be impossible.

You should also be able to categorize the addresses on your email
lists so that you can send relevant information to interested

Tracking features in direct email marketing software are highly

Software packages with tools that provide you with a statistical
breakdown that tells you whether or not your email messages are
being read and which links in your messages are being followed
will help you to better manage your email marketing campaign and
to improve its effectiveness.

There is no sense in sending marketing messages that don’t draw
results, so tracking the results of your messages and making
changes as needed is essential.

The capability of setting up auto responders for the purpose of
follow-up or to answer subscribers’ questions is also a value-
added benefit of some email marketing programs.

Reviewing a large number of email marketing software options is
definitely in your best interest.

Features of the software programs as well as costs are something
to consider when choosing software for your email marketing

Compatibility with the hardware you are using is also something
to consider. With a good email marketing software program you
can stay in contact with your customers and leads, save money on
marketing and simplify your email marketing campaign so it won’t
be too time consuming for you.

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